Gary Edward Jones – Bang Bang Bang Launch

Gary Edward Jones – Constellations Liverpool – April 2016

“Gary Edward Jones’ exquisite artistry channels many of the great songwriters of the last 50 years. From the laconic melodies of the Californian halcyon days to the mystical depths of the British folk giants like John Martyn and Nick Drake, all the references inform his music and concoct their own special brew. A conscience without evangelism entwined with a voice created in the bee hive and guitar playing so achingly beautiful are the cornerstones of his single “Bang Bang Bang”. The song is one of the many stand out tracks on his bewitching The Cabinet Maker album. It immediately invades the subconscious and appears frequently throughout the days, after absorbing its thought provoking message, wrapped up in a myriad of hooks. The message is at once ambiguous but in juxtaposition with an eloquent monologue of how many of us feel about the modern world. “The clocks they turn but no lessons are learnt”. We have all the knowledge but take none of the actions to stop our planet’s decline. Accompanying the release is an astonishing video featuring a melancholic, yet optimistic little robot. He channels the principals of mindfulness whilst simultaneously facing an uncertain future. Modern philosophy combined with a global sense of apathy. His fate is seemingly sealed but yet open to the imagination to determine. Both song and video stand alone as great examples of sublime artistry. Taken together they compliment each other to a profound level; moving, hypnotic and soothing in a heartbeat. Take the time to listen to an artist at the top of his game with a prolific catalogue of soaring songs left to discover.”
Review of the official video for Bang Bang Bang by Mark Andrews








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